A Hidden Tape Measure Feature You Probably Didn’t Know

Last Updated:  January 6, 2023

I’ve got a really quick tip for you today and we’re talking about the tape measure again. If you missed the last tip I shared on measuring in between two walls, go and check that post out!

This versatile tool is so easy to use that most people, even seasoned carpenters, don’t learn all of its different markings and functions.

I’m going to release a video going over every thing I know, and can find out, about the tape measure, so look for that in a couple of weeks. But, in the mean time, check out this great tip.

Look at the hook of your tape measure. See that slot on the end? It may have never caught your eye, but it’s not just for weight reduction.

Most of the time we hook the the tape on the edge of a board and that keeps it in place while we extend it to measure. But, what if the edge is beveled or otherwise can’t be hooked onto?

Well, you can drive a screw or nail into the board and hook the slot right on the head. It works great, actually.

So, the next time you find yourself in a tough spot and you’re not able to hook onto the edge of the surface you’re measuring, see if you can use a nail or screw to help you out!

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