What Is “Out of the Woodwork”?

Hello and welcome to Out of the Woodwork. I’m Tommy.

Woodworkers on the internet and TV can cause you to feel frustrated:

“They have so many tools! Do I need all of those to build projects?” – absolutely not!

Have you had these thoughts?

“I don’t have a big enough space” you can make impressive projects in a small, temporary space

“I don’t really have the time”most projects can be built in a couple of weekends or a few evenings

“I don’t have enough tools” – you don’t need many tools

“I don’t really know what projects to start with” I’ll show you some amazing projects you can build even if you’ve never picked up a drill!

If these are thoughts you’ve had or things you’ve said, there is no better place for you to be! You just want to be able to build your own furniture, make gifts for your family and friends, customize your home, or maybe build a chicken coop – maybe you just want to have the skills to tackle small projects and repairs around the house.

Finding the Right Teacher

We live in a never-before-experienced time for woodworking and DIY. Most of us will never apprentice with a master woodworker and we won’t attend a trade school, but we have a world of woodworking knowledge at our wood glue covered fingertips. The million dollar question is: “How do you wade through all of the projects and advice and find the good stuff?”

“Out of the Woodwork” Helps You Create Impressive Projects!

There is a cost to start woodworking, but it’s not near as high as you think it is. Don’t waste your hard-earned money on unnecessary tools. I have a Free checklist that will show you exactly what tools and accessories you need for the beginner to advanced woodworking shop.

Speaking of projects, where do you find plans and instruction and how do you know if you’ll even be able to complete a particular project?

Check the Project Plans page on this site for free plans to all types of projects. I will update it often so check back from time-to-time.

I’m also working on a more in-depth catalog of projects coming soon that you can build with only the tools from my list. These aren’t insignificant projects, either – there’s a headboard, coffee table, workbench, shelf – projects you’ll be proud to show off. And, beginners that have never picked up a drill will be able to build them -I guide you through the whole build – start to finish.

Download the checklist or a Free plan and you’ll be the first to know when I release them.

The videos and articles on this site and my Youtube channel will teach you foundational woodworking skills and beyond – and provide some entertaining advanced builds. I’ve taken thousands of hours of practicing, watching, reading, and studying woodworking, and made it quick and digestible just for you.

No Excuses

You CAN learn to build impressive woodworking and DIY projects.

You CAN do it in a small or temporary workspace.

You CAN do it with just a few inexpensive tools.

Start by downloading my free guide and diving in to the resources on this site.

Welcome to the greatest hobby on earth!


Don't Waste Your Money on Tools You Don't Need

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